Gorman - Rupp



The Gorman Rupp Pump Company is the leader in the United States for the manufacturing and distribution of high quality contractor pumps.

Pumps range in sizes from 1-1/2" through 30" with pumping capacities to 40,000 gpm.

Types of pumps range from dry prime, self priming, trash, pressure, high head, submersible, hydraulic, to diaphragm.

Gorman Rupp with its large selection of contractor pumps would meet any needs a contractor msy have in the watering or dewatering of their job site. 

twelve_inch_dry_pump.gif          six_inch_trash_pump.gif          small_trash_pump.gif          three_inch_diaphragmn_pump.gif          submersible_pumps.gif

For further information on any of our products please call 1-800-613-4738 or email us at info@prattandsons.com