Epiroc (formally known as Atlas Copco)



Epiroc, formally known as Atlas Copco, manufactures a complete line of Threaded Drill Accessories. They include thread sizes of T60, T51, T45, T38, 1-1/2" and 1-1/4". Many types of high quality rock drill bits are also available such as Flat Face Button, Hard Rock Button, Ballistic, Drop Center, Drop Center Ballistic, Guide/Retract and Back Drilling. Walter S. Pratt & Sons carries in their stock all of the above along with stricking bars, couplings and lubricants. 

button_bits.gif          strickling_bars.gif          lubricants.gif          drill_rod.gif          steel_couplings.gif


For further information on any of our products please call 1-800-613-4738 or email us at info@prattandsons.com